Selling my swift and winder! $20 on ebay

Is there anybody out there?

Hey there knitblog world, I'm resurrecting this 'ol blog to sell off some of my gear.

Time for some spring cleaning, beginning with my wool winder and swift on eBay, starting bid $20!

E-mail me with any questions.

Happy knittin' y'all!


Signing off, for real

Hi friends.

It's been a long while. For some of that while, I thought I would jump back into the knitblogging world, but that's passed, so I'm saying goodbye to this blog, for real.

A lot has changed in my life over the last couple years. I moved to my own place in Brooklyn, near to my sister and very new niece, and got a rescue kitten of my very own. Both little babes have a growing collection of handknitted items. Free time is filled up with cooking, juicing, friends, my niece, my cat, biking and new hobbies- watercolor painting and yoga. This weekend I'll be working on a fire escape garden.

Still kinda at it: an EZ sweater for my niece. Made some matching booties, too.


I'm still a shopgirl, still selling shoes, and coclico keeps me pretty busy. I'm running the boutique in Nolita, shopcoclico.com, coclico on facebook and of course, the store blog. I've bumped into a few of you there and hope those happy accidents keep happening.

home sweet home

Another Shopgirl


On hiatus

It's been a long time dear readers and knitters, and I'm not sure how much longer it will be. I love knitting, but these days I'm just not that into it. I don't want to force it and will come back when I'm ready. Keep up all the amazing work in the meantime...



Dear almost finished Jaywalker in the best colorway of Lorna's Laces that I have ever seen,

I'm really sorry I left you in the bag along with my almost finished novel, somewhere between a wine heavy dinner out with friends in Nolita and karaoke on St. Mark's Place. I should have just finished your toe the night before, but I let my sudden interest in lace shawls come between us. I called the restaurant, the taxi and limousine commission, and the karaoke bar trying to find you- all dead ends. I'll always have my memories of you, the one that got away.


FO: Phildar Backless Tee

It's all seamed up, the weather is just right, my sunburn is gone, so today is finally the perfect day to take my new top out to the park.

I have to admit, this was a boooooring knit. As much as I love Gigi, I don't think I can do another stockinette heavy project after this.

I love backless tops, but I had to make sure to knit this on smaller needles than I normally would, just so that there wouldn't be any sheer peekaboo action in the front.

no nips, right?

I bought a 10 skein bag of this yarn on ebay ages ago, and thought it was going to be a soft buttercup yellow. I was horrified when it arrived in all of its acid lime glory. Luckily I held on to it- neons and brights grew on me, and the yarn was perfect for the pattern. Stashbuster!

Details: Pattern from Phildar Printemps Ete 2008, pull #486-T7-491, English translation. I used about 5 skeins of Noro Lily, but can't be sure because I have knit and frogged this yarn a couple of times, and some of the wound balls were partial skeins. Knit with size 5 bamboo straights.


A vacation from knitting

Despite bringing two projects and tons of yarn, I managed only three rows of knitting on my trip. I did all the driving, and spent most of my time eating, riding bikes, eating, walking, hanging out by the beach, and eating some more. Here's one of those nifty flickr mosaics:

My favorite places were Rockport, where we had the best lobsters and bike riding adventures, and Provincetown, a totally funky and laid-back town with great nightlife.

I managed to check out some yarn shops, thanks to some great recommendations I got in the comments (thanks Thea!). Seed Stitch in Salem, MA looked great, but was closed when I came through on Memorial Day. Windsor Button in Boston was something else. It's huge and with all kinds of crafty stuff and a firmly unpretentious vibe. But the lighting is horrendous and grey, and I often had to squint and use my imagination to appreciate some of the gorgeous yarns they have. Well, that didn't stop me from picking up some summery sock yarn. It's Claudia's Handpainted.

Since I've been back, New York weather has been alternating between pleasantly hot and unbearably sauna-like, and that just doesn't motivate me to knit. I've rediscovered my interest in sudoku during my commute, and at home I've been a wee bit obsessed with wii fit. It's awesome. But somehow, in fits and starts, I've gotten close to completing the Phildar top. I'm seaming it right now, but I'm afraid it might need some reconstructive surgery.

It was great to come home to the new knitty. I am so in love with Gigi and am trying hurry up and finish the Phildar top so I can start Gigi guilt free!


going on a road trip

Bobby and I are renting a car tomorrow and doing a weeklong driving tour of some nearby Atlantic states. I'm so excited to drive a car again, even if it's a dorky rental car. We'll be staying in Rockport, Boston, Provincetown, and Newport, and checking everything out in between (please please send lys tips). Our last night will be spent on Fire Island at my sister's summer rental. Looks pretty great, right?

My neck is all better, btw. Thanks again for all the tips and well wishes. I'm now tracking down some fancy pillows, carrying a lighter handbag, wearing heels less days a week, and keeping the window shut while I sleep. I never want to get a stiff neck again!