Meet Kate Kruger

Kate is done. Here she is with Bobby, wearing their coordinating Friday the 13th sweaters.

She was another stashbuster, and a couple of the yarns I used weren't the best choices. The red yarn is Knit Picks Andean Silk and the golden yarn is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, both leftovers from last year's holiday knits. The gauge was wrong for these two yarns post-stuffing; you can see the polyfill stuffing through her stitches. However, the brown yarn was excellent! It is a yarn called "Jazz" by Grignasco, which I used to make my first project about a year ago, which was a green and brown ribbed, keyhole scarf for Bobby. If I make another Kate, I would use Lamb's Pride Worsted, which is what Jess uses for all of her knitted toys.

I am late to join the knitted toy craze, and apparently too late to get my hands on Jess Hutchinson's booklet, which isn't available through her site anymore. I put myself on the notification list, but it may not be printed again, ever. I heard it was previously for sale on fredflare, but it's sold out there, too. Any other leads?

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moirae said...

Hey Kate,

I decided to create a saffron cables knit along. More of a saffron cables support group. Basically it consists of you telling me what color your blanket is going to be and me posting a link and a current photo of your blanket as it is (I used the one of your yarn).