Finished Fetching

I finished my "in between projects project" before the yarn for my new projects has arrived. Now I have to figure out another stashbusting project to fill the next few days. This is the Fetching pattern from the summer '06 knitty that everyone is knitting right now. I used a leftover ball of Rowan Cotton Glace in Poppy. I used this yarn to make the Cupcake top from Debbie Stoller's Happy Hooker, which I finished last month, but still haven't seamed up.

I wanted my gloves to be a little smaller and daintier than the pattern, so I used size 3 needles instead of 5s. I used a regular bind off instead of the picot, which I think is a little too fussy for these already fussy gloves.

These were very quick and easy to knit. I think they took about 5 days of very short and infrequent knitting sessions.

Gratuitous cable photo. Thanks for looking.


kavi said...

i love it! Gorgeous...i wish i had a pair for fall...

Ava said...

Love your "Fetching" and the little sweater you have on with it. Is there a pattern for the sweater?