Surprise from Interweave!

So I knew that there was going to be a photo shoot in my store sometime this week, but I didn't know until this morning that it was for Interweave Crochet!!! I met Kim Werker, the editor, and got to have a photo session for the fall issue take place before my very eyes. The model, who was ALARMINGLY thin, was wearing a flaired crocheted skirt with contrasting godets. The pattern looked very Annie Modesitt. I got so flustered and shy that I didn't really talk much, and I wish I would have given Kim my blog site, or at least talk yarn a bit. Well, I got her business card, so I suppose I can drop her an e-mail. Pretty awesome, right?

**Updated 10/04/07: the photo is up!


FO: Vogue Ribbed Minidress

Finally got some buttons! Here's the finished minidress, all seamed, woven, buttoned up, and err, wrinkled. I had tossed her into a bag on Saturday, thinking that I would find a nice place to take a photo of her during a long day of driving all around the Bay Area. I forgot to take photos then, and when I finally got around to it today, she was all wrinkled. I think she still looks pretty good, but maybe just a little too short.

I can't really wear her as a dress without worrying about the wind, so I guess this is one of those tunic tops. I've already blocked her, so I don't think she'll get much longer.

It took a long time for me to decide what yarn to knit this pattern with, and I am really pleased with how it turned out with the Koigu KPM. It is really soft and lightweight, as I didn't want the dress to get saggy and weighed down by some dense yarn. The smaller gauge helped out with sizing, as I wanted the bust measurement to be a bit smaller that the pattern's smallest size. She fits perfectly up there.

Details: Ribbed Mini Dress by Mari Lynn Patrick from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2007 issue. Knitted with 6 skeins of Koigu KPM color 229. Used size 4s for the skirt section (for faster knitting), size 2s for the waist ribbing, and size 3s for everything above the waist (for a snug fit and for more opacity). I modified the pattern to make it shorter, but it turned out a couple inches shy of a dress. Except for in these photos, she will be worn as a tunic.

Aside from the dress, I have started a couple of stashbusting projects. After Hawaii, and now moving cross country, I have no $$ for yarn and not too much time to knit. Sigh. Oh and my invitation to Ravelry (!!!) has also cut into my knitting time. Yes, it's as fantastic as everybody has been saying all along.

I bought my one-way ticket to New York last night! Ack! The big move is officially on July 2. We have hired a real estate broker who, along with my sister, is looking for apartments for us. It's really scary to look at apartments from across the country. Weird.