Knit 1 Halter/Jumper?

Yay! Finally, a real knitting related post! I mentioned the ill-fitting, ill-fated Knit 1 halter in my last post. I made both pieces, seamed them out and it came out so large! Maybe I didn't pay close attention because I'm using stash yarn, or perhaps I can blame it on my hectic nomadic lifestyle of the moment. This thing just came out wrong. Here's what I thought I was making:

I tried tugging, cinching, and shortening the straps. I considered felting it. Then I put it away for a few days. Today, I put it on again, and just let it hang low, and now, I think I like it! Is the New York heat getting to me, or is it cute? I'm not sure yet. I'm going to put some ribbing along the bottom and try wearing it as a jumper. I'll post again when it's done.

Many thanks to Vy of soknitpicky.blogspot.com for helping me out with my Habu kit! I had gone several days without knitting a stitch and didn't want to buy yarn for a new project just yet. I won't be reunited with all my stash and books for two weeks to a month, and I've got to save my money so that we can decorate the new apartment!


Small but special.

This is our new home! About half the size of the old one, but not bad for New York, or at least compared to the other 15 or so we have viewed. I am borrowing a computer so that I can post, since mine is in storage in San Francisco right now. Hopefully, I will get it within the next two weeks.

 I have had some really bad luck with knitting lately. I knitted the top on the cover of the cover of the current knit 1 and it is dreadful. So illfitting that I don't think I can give it away. 

 I got to spent the weekend in Mendocino before we left SF, and visited the best yarn store I have ever had the pleasure of  shopping at. I took home the Habu Kusha Kusha scarf kit, but lost the instructions somehow! I have so many bags and I hope the instructions will turn up when we move into the new apartment on the 15th. I was thinking it would make a great subway project.

I really miss my computer, my blog, and all you great knitbloggers who I haven't been able to keep up with lately.