bits and pieces

I have been a very very bad blogger lately. And not the best knitter, either. I'm sorry for the absence, and don't have much to show to make up for it.

November was a series of unfortunate events, including some that were knitting related.

First, my trusty size 19 circ broke during Twinkle test knitting! Next, even worse, I finished my pretty and sweet Phildar cardigan, seamed her up and everything, only to find that it was all kinds of wrong! I tried to modify her into a v-neck. Awful idea. Now, she looks like this:

I guess they all can't be winners, right?

I haven't had much time beyond the test knits to get really into anything, but the onset of winter has called for some emergency quickies.

Check it out! Mittens! and ice skates! My first pair of either! The snow is a beautiful novelty for me right now. I spent a lot of fall worrying about how I'd manage to look chic when the weather drops to 20 degrees. Now that it's happened, I've embraced the goofiness of winter gear: poofy jackets, rainboots, pom poms, all of it. There is something so endearing about New Yorkers in their silly winter wear.

And I finished off one of my oldest wips, one I had completely forgotten about until I found it during our move.

It's a 2 year old "branching out" scarf from knitty. My first attempt at fancy stitches.

I knew I wasn't going to go any farther on her, so I just bound off where I had left off, and now she makes a great jogging headband. Much better than those fleece ones I see lots of people wearing in the park.

Not much on the needles, either. Just the ol' afghan and a Christmas hat for my dad. He requested a knitted hat small enough for his tiny head. I'm trying out Jessica's pattern from fig and plum archives.

Sorry again for being a stranger, and happy holidays!