designer knit: Madeleine Press scarf

I found this beautiful scarf on shopbop and I feel compelled to share it. Has anyone heard of this designer, Madeleine Press? I'm in love. I think I may try to copy this one. I think it should be pretty easy to decipher, right?

Btw, last night was really fun!


Countdown to Knitting in the City

Knitting in the City is tonight and I am really excited! Yesterday was orientation and I met the other volunteer knitters at Wenlan's studio. It was great to meet Ivete of knotology, my first real life encounter with another knitblogger. It was also great to pick out our free outfit to wear tonight!

I loved all the clothing, but all my favorite pieces weren't my size! Ivete scored an amazing cropped jacket and blouse combo in what seemed like seconds, but I scoured the racks for what seemed like forever. There was a beautiful flowing dress in watercolor shades of purple, but even though it fit me perfectly, it just wasn't my style. I ultimately decided to just grab my favorite thing and forgive it for being a couple of sizes too big. I'm not about to complain about free clothes. Here's my selection:

And how I'm going to make it work for tonight:

After tonight, I'm going to take her to a tailor. I don't trust my sewing skills with expensive clothing.

And here's what I'm going to accessorize her with:

I found this on Ivete's etsy shop after we met, and fell in love with it and bought it! Seems like the appropriate thing to wear.

One more essential item for the evening is my new moo cards. I had to upgrade my flickr account to pro after I exceeded my photo limit. After going pro, you get 10 free moo cards, and these came just in time.

I'm really happy with how they turned out, and I'm tempted to order a pack of 100. I'll see how they go over tonight first.

Thanks to all the encouragement and tips on teaching knitting! Luckily, I was given a very explicit instructional handout, so if I get nervous, I can just find the appropriate page and point.

While it may seem like my knitting is revolving around Twinkle, I am still working on my Phildar vest. All those fancy stitches are taking forever, and I think I have about a week more to go.

Signing off for now, wish me luck!


Twinkle this Tursday at Rockefeller Center

This Thursday night, I will be a volunteer assistant at a special knitting night at Anthropologie. Is anybody else helping out, or attending?

I have never taught anyone how to knit before, or even knit amongst other knitters before! I am a closet knitter in my daily life, and taught myself to knit from knittinghelp.com, so I have some small fears that I am doing it all wrong, or that I won't be able to communicate how it's done. I am hoping that my retail sales personality will kick in, squash my little insecurities and do all the talking.

I'd love to see some of my fellow knitbloggers and knitblog readers there! Let me know if you are thinking of going so I can look for you there.


Twinkle Spring 2008 at Bryant Park

A couple weeks ago, a golden ticket came in the mail...

I felt like the luckiest knitter in the world! It was so exciting to attend a show at Bryant Park, even if I had to stand in line for half an hour and then pack myself in next to the photographers and get up on my tiptoes to see the runway over their heads. Waiting in line inside the tent was so entertaining: the best people-watching experience, ever! It was a neverending parade of fashion superstars and visionaries, fashion clowns, fashion victims, etc.

And the show itself was fantastic. Not as many knits as I expected, mostly printed silk dresses and flowy tops. Here's my shot of the final runway parade:

And Wenlan coming out to take a quick bow:

Since I couldn't get a decent photo, here's one from getty of a great knitted vest from the collection:

Other than the vest, I could only spot one more knitted piece, which was a white dress that I wasn't too crazy about. Her fun, colorful and quirky prints really made up for my dissapointment in the quantity of knitted pieces. It was really exciting to be there- thanks for the invite, Wenlan!

**Update** for those who have asked, I got the invite through my job at coclico, and will be selling some twinkle clothing, jewelry, and belts in the shop next spring.