going on a road trip

Bobby and I are renting a car tomorrow and doing a weeklong driving tour of some nearby Atlantic states. I'm so excited to drive a car again, even if it's a dorky rental car. We'll be staying in Rockport, Boston, Provincetown, and Newport, and checking everything out in between (please please send lys tips). Our last night will be spent on Fire Island at my sister's summer rental. Looks pretty great, right?

My neck is all better, btw. Thanks again for all the tips and well wishes. I'm now tracking down some fancy pillows, carrying a lighter handbag, wearing heels less days a week, and keeping the window shut while I sleep. I never want to get a stiff neck again!


The many wonders of tiger balm.

For the last couple of days, I've had plenty of idle time, some of it spent admiring the colorful packaging of the tiger balm my sister brought back from India. Apparently it can do much more than relieve muscle aches, Look closely:

I also entertained myself with some online shopping, and ultimately pre-ordered a wii fit. It looks fun, but the purchase was partially motivated by what has happened since Bobby took charge of our eating habits while I'm stuck in bed. The last couple days have been full of pizza, burritos, pudding, egg and cheese sandwiches, and heavy cream based soup.

I also cruised the new Phildar mags and picked up another issue, mostly because of this summer top:

I love anything that's backless. I almost ordered the yarn directly from Phildar, until I realized that it would be 29 euros to ship 34 euros in yarn.

And I eventually was able to knit a bit, and finished up one little jaywalker last night.

Thanks for all the well-wishes, tips, and tricks for a less stiff neck, and for all the hours of knitblog content that kept me company over the weekend.


Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

I turned down a free ride from Ivete to go the MD Sheep and Wool Festival because I couldn't get out of work this weekend.

This morning, I woke up at 4:30 am with the unfortunate realization that I couldn't move my upper body without extremely sharp pain coming from my neck and shooting into my right shoulderblade and down into my right arm. After some internet research, I found that I have what's called a "crick" in my neck that should go away on its own with time and rest. Yay.

Right now, after Bobby's help, I'm propped up in bed by every pillow in the apartment. Can't move, can't go to work, can't go to the festival, can't even knit. Major weekend failure.

To everyone going to MD: have fun and take lots of photos please!