Getting back to knitting

Hello everybody from so long ago and so far away! Sorry for the long absence. Moving is hard! I just wasn't knitting, so I had nothing to blog about. Finally I started to knit, got ready to blog, and then my computer died! Well, long story short, she came back from the dead but she's on the chopping block. She's up for sale on Craigslist right now and I'm waiting for a buyer.

Remember this?

It's in progress and I love it! I just couldn't take any more of the kusha scarf. I love the yarn, but I can only do so much stockinette before I start to fiend for a cable, a bobble, or a rib at the very least. The scarf makes for good subway knitting, and the vest waits at home for me to work on it.

I finally found time between the new job and furnishing our new apartment to make it to my new local yarn shop, Knitty City. I had a great experience there and the staff was really helpful and welcoming. Plus they give out these amazing drawstring top bags when you buy yarn:

And my apartment is coming along. Once we moved in, we realized that our loft scale furniture just doesn't work in the tiny space. We have since gotten rid of some of the things we moved all the way over here and replaced them with miniature versions, like this table and chair set I got at Ikea:

And my favorite part of the house, our tiny new sofa found on craigslist, and coffee table from IKEA.

Moving furniture, without a car, and in and out of a 4th floor walkup is pretty complicated stuff.

I've started a little blog for my new place, coclico. Take a break from ogling yarn and check out the amazing shoes on the site. I'm having a lot of fun getting to know my new customers and giving the store my special touch.