Saffron Cable Update

I have finished the first of three(?) pattern repeats of Saffron Cables. While finishing up the last few rows, I noticed that the blanket pictured in the magazine actually has FOUR REPEATS of the pattern. This is a bit alarming. Is the blanket misrepresented in the photo, or are the instructions wrong?

See those big diamonds filled with seed stitch? I count four!

Evidence A: This first repeat consumed 5 of the 18 balls of Berkshire, including the seed stitch border, which used up about one ball. Based on this, a blanket made with three repeats will require 14 balls, and a blanket made with 4 repeats will require 18 balls! This leads me to believe that the pattern is incorrect, and that the photo is correct.

Evidence B: The seed stitch border measures 3.5". One unblocked pattern repeat is 14". An unblocked blanket with three repeats will measure 49", while a blanket with four will measure 63". My gauge is looser than the pattern gauge, so my width is already wider than specified, so I expect my finished blanket to be slightly longer than the 60" specified in the pattern. Thus, the 63" blanket with FOUR REPEATS seems to be what Kathy Zimmerman intended.

It's still the same amount of yarn, but it sure seems like a lot more work to repeat this thing FOUR TIMES! If I get to the third repeat and I still have a ton of yarn, I'll take that as a further hint that it's time to buck up and do one more. What if I run out of yarn during the fourth repeat? Does WEBS still have another skein of the correct dyelot? Uh oh.

P.S. I ordered yarn for the Vogue Fair Isle U-neck. Yippee!

***Update: I sent my concerns to Interweave Knits, and they responded that the design should have four repeats, not three.


moirae said...

Go with the 4. You have the yarn and it's gorgeous that way. Send me up updated photo!

earthday said...

I was wondering that about the pattern. I found your site hoping I could find someone who had gotten far enough on this project to know if there was a mistake. It looked like it should be 4 repeats to me. I ordered a couple of extra balls just in case, but I figured the yarn amount given was correct. You should be okay with the 18 you have. It looks great so far!

Lesley said...

Hi! Found your site looking for other crazy knitters working on Saffron Cables. I'm currently on the fence about whether I should knit this up with Berkshire. Someone commented that it was a 'hairy' yarn, ala Lamb's Pride. Just wondering if you had any comments about the yarn and if you're enjoying the project! It's a doozy. :)