No News is Good News

No blogging for a while because I have been plugging away at Saffron Cables. I'm in the home stretch now.

But I've been cheating again... I fell in love with this:

I couldn't help but do a little yarn research and bought a couple skeins and did a couple of swatches!

The left swatch is karabella aurora 8. I think this is similar to the berroco merino that is called for. The stitches are clear, the gauge is correct, but I am worried about how dense the little sweater will be. The second is rowan kid classic. The gauge is a little bit off, the stitches are not as distinct, but it is so light and fluffy and fuzzy. And I love the color. Maybe I should try it again on a smaller needle? I'm not sure which I prefer.

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shopgirl said...

I Cannot believe you are doing that! I definately want to see! The stitch definition is slightly better on the brown yarn. But I like them both. good luck!