Of Twinkle and Capechos

Now that the capecho is off my needles, I'm on the hunt for my next project. I just got the new Twinkle book from Amazon and it is gorgeous.

I am still wavering between patterns, and it is difficult to get started because the recommended yarn is not available yet. Twinkle, aka Wenlan Chia, has her own new line of yarn, which is, of course, what all the patterns are knit with. I am really interested in what the Soft Chunky yarn is all about, and how it compares to Cascade Magnum. I really like get up close and personal with a yarn before I can decide whether I want to use it, or what could be a potential better alternative.

I am leaning towards starting with a pattern that calls for Cruise, a silk/cotton blend, and using something from my stash as a sub. In the meantime, I can wait for Soft Chunky to be released so that I can order some to make either the Best Friend Cardigan, Groovy Sweater Dress, or the Twinkle Hoodie.

P.S. I started a knitalong for this book on craftster.

My favorites:

And my capecho! I just love it! It fits really nicely and goes very well under my new spring coat. I have worn it a lot recently, and a surprising number of people recognize the pattern. Last week, I went into Noe Knit wearing my capecho, and the women who work there were so excited to see it knitted up that Susie, the owner, busted out her camera and took photos! I was a little flustered, but totally flattered overall. You all made me blush! Thank you!

*Update: Susie put the photos on the Noe Knit Blog! Please don't look too closely at my face (yikes!), focus on the sweater!

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