Twinkle Twinkle, NYC

I went by Imagiknit today with a hunch that Twinkle had landed, but it still hadn't arrived when I checked at noon. Well my hunch was correct, but it was only four hours premature. I got the call later in the afternoon, so I sped over so that I could get first dibs on colors. Unfortunately, they only ordered 4 skeins per color of the soft chunky, and only in about 6 colors. I can't blame them, it's not really a spring or summer weight yarn. I took home 4 skeins of Urchin, which I thought was black when I looked online, but is really a deep dark gorgeous purple.

There's my Soft Chunky, posing in front of the Best Friend Cardigan.

I really wanted to buy 6 skeins, so that I can make the groovy sweater dress or the hoodie. Would it be so bad if I bought skeins from another dyelot? I could be sneaky and use a separate dyelot for all the ribbing sections, or would that be too stripey and weird? After looking at the patterns again, I see that there aren't many that I can do with only 4 skeins, except for the Best Friend Cardigan, which I have already almost completed in Lana Grande.

My wool winder could hardly handle the Twinkle jumbo skeins.

I've got big news: my man just got his acceptance letter from Columbia University! We'll be moving to NYC this summer. It's going to be so hard to leave our beautiful apartment, my sweet job, my cute scooter that I go everywhere in, all of our nice furniture, not to mention our friends and San Francisco itself! I'm excited for the new adventure.

Holy crap! We're moving to NYC!


Tiger Feet said...

Hi Shopgirl... I am in awe of your Twiggy tunic... how does it wear? are you getting any bobbles from where you sit during the day?

I'm thinking of making this, but shortening it to hip length, since at my advanced age a sweater dress might not be the best idea.

Becky-Dee said...

Wow! That ball of yarn is huge on your wool winder. I was interested to see how lana grande was like as a substitute. could you give us a run down of how it knitted up?

Janice said...

hey, this is oatmealxo from craftster~ i have a question about the best friend sweater--the arm's really tight because of the thick seam. do you know if there's something i can do with the selvedge edges to make them less bulky?

how's your sweater coming along?

Gina said...

I got all the colors of the Twinkle merino, so if you want me to send you some, let me know. I heart it, but it feels wet to me! The owner of Classic Elite swears its a treatment, we shall see! Congrats on NYC...I luv that city passionately!