Signing off, for real

Hi friends.

It's been a long while. For some of that while, I thought I would jump back into the knitblogging world, but that's passed, so I'm saying goodbye to this blog, for real.

A lot has changed in my life over the last couple years. I moved to my own place in Brooklyn, near to my sister and very new niece, and got a rescue kitten of my very own. Both little babes have a growing collection of handknitted items. Free time is filled up with cooking, juicing, friends, my niece, my cat, biking and new hobbies- watercolor painting and yoga. This weekend I'll be working on a fire escape garden.

Still kinda at it: an EZ sweater for my niece. Made some matching booties, too.


I'm still a shopgirl, still selling shoes, and coclico keeps me pretty busy. I'm running the boutique in Nolita, shopcoclico.com, coclico on facebook and of course, the store blog. I've bumped into a few of you there and hope those happy accidents keep happening.

home sweet home

Another Shopgirl


Aesderina said...

sad to hear this blog is ending! Your knitting was beautiful and inspiring but I understand not pushing it.

hibou said...

I kept your blog in my bloglines, just in case you decided to come back. It sounds like you have been filling your life with wonderful positivity. Hope to still see you around Ravelry. All the best!

A Homely Heroine said...

I'll miss your stylish, inspiring blog, sounds like you have a great, busy life doing other stuff though...here's wishing you all the best x

margaux said...

will miss you!!! wishing you all the best :-)