Springtime and RAD Lace Recap

I get to walk by this tree to and from work everyday. I am going to miss San Francisco. I still haven't recovered from being beat down by the snow in New York. After not catching a cold for over a year, New York gave me cough that won't quit.

I finished the back of the Vogue minidress. Here she is, blocking on my floor. I really like the silvery grey color of this KPM.

I forgot to blog about the RAD Lace exhibit, which was one of things I was most excited about seeing in New York. Well, I was a bit disappointed, which is surely why I forgot about it. About half of the exhibit was too far of a stretch from knitting or lace, and much of it was purely architectural. To me, many of the pieces just happened to look "lacey," which seemed to be enough to qualify it for the show. I was looking forward to seeing a bunch of awesome knitted stuff in one place, but I only saw a handful. Check out this knitter's review of the show: I think she sums it up much better than I do, and she has great photos.

I suppose I let my expectations go too far. Oh well. I feel like a hypocrite writing this, though, because I studied architecture in college and liked to push the boundary of what is considered architecture by making my models out of cloth and sewing them together instead of using museum board with glue. I shouldn't be such a hater.

Overall, it was totally worth the visit. The tiny knits by Althea Merback are mindblowing and the fiber obtic chandelier is beautiful.


pamela wynne said...

I felt the same way about the exhibit -- again, probably because I went in expecting more knitting. The friends who went with me were much more excited about it.

Can't wait to see the dress!

Janet said...

i can't wait to see the dress! you must be a pretty fast knitter if you've alredy finished the back - i'm impressed :-)

Gina said...

"Bodies" was worth seeing, if you get the chance. You will leave alittle nauseous...to be sure...!!

jenna said...

I wasn't sure what to expect, as I saw the show before I had heard much about it. I liked it, but the title was rather misleading!

kelliann said...

wow, your dress is really knitting up quickly! I am knitting mine with 6's - got gague with that size. The stitches are a little bit looser than I would like, but I think it still looks good. I'm too scared that if I go smaller, it won't fit. Can't wait to see your finished product!

Tiger Feet said...

OK, shopgirl. Been stalking your blog to see the Vogue dress... hows it coming along?