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Girl Kae tagged me! Read on if you'd like to know 8 random facts about me.

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1. I grew up in Avila Beach, a small beach town in Central California. So small that only 40 students graduated with me.

2. I was valedictorian of said 40 student class (didn't have too many classmates to compete with).

3. I used to surf every day before school for 2 years. My shoulders were linebacker huge.

4. I can dislocate my once musclebound shoulders at will, wiggle my ears, and roll my stomach.

5. I have a motorcycle license and rode a Honda Elite scooter before I moved to New York.

6. People always think I am 5-10 years older than my actual age. Yikes! A customer once told me, "You don't look a day over thirty-five." I was twenty-four then, now I'm just shy of twenty-six.

7. I started this blog to force myself to finish more projects, namely the one pictured above. I was terrified to start an 18 skein afghan and I thought that a blog would provide accountability, aka guilt. Well, I'm still working on that dang afghan, but at least it covers my toes now.

8. I keep my knitblog a secret from most of my friends. I still feel self conscious writing about myself, even after a year of blogging!

Now I tag Jen, Julie, kelli, jenna, pearl, janice,

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soknitpicky said...

LOL, I've always been fascinated by ear wiggling :-) And I can't believe people thougt you look in your 30's--your blog pictures don't look that way to me

Girl Kae said...

Oh you can dislocate your shoulder? Ugh, and wow at the same time! and I keep my knitblog a secret from everyone except my boyfriend. I'm too self-conscious and worried about what they'd think :D

kat coyle said...

that afghan is gorgeous but quite a lot of heavy knitting; good idea to take it slow

Heather said...

Oh my god, that Saffron Cables is beautiful! I am also making one in brown, but I'm only on my second skein.

Knitterella said...

How cool to surf every morning before school. Man, you must have been up reeally early!

I can relate to your #8. I still feel odd talking about myself on my blog. Plus I'm 29 and have been knitting since college. For awhile all my friends thought it was so strange. Heck, they probably still do!

Your afghan looks beautiful!

janice said...

thanks for tagging me. i will start thinking up some interesting things about me.

your blanket looks awesome, by the way. i don't think i have the patience to spend so much time on something not wearable! or on socks. :]

Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

it is a beautiful afgan.. you will complete it....

JenniC said...

I'm making the same afghan, and didn't realize that there was actually a KAL for this one.. man this blanket is taking FOREVER, but I truly love the pattern.

Can't wait to see your finished afghan

Oksana said...

Oh my, that afghan is amazing! I want to make it now...after I finish my current afghan, that is. Funny how projects magically presents themelves when you're working on something similar already.
I can wiggle my ears, too :>

Susan said...

Can you tell me the name of this aftghan and the KAL? I would love to put this in the queue.


Vanessa said...

Omgoodness. I absolutely love that afghan... could you tell me the name of that pattern and where you got it possibly? ;x

Liz said...

I'm new to your blog and must say I love it! I don't have a blog but thought about it more than once, since it would force me to finish my knits too, lol! Maybe, I'll give it another shot, especially if it means I'll knit through all of the yarn in my closet, nightstands, family room and several bags. =)

Anonymous said...

I'm originally from Santa Maria and used to love going to Avila as a teenager in the 70s. I now live in Santa Barbara, and was just up in Avila for breakfast at the Custom House. I still love that area, even though they've almost totally remodeled the town. Have lots of friends in SLO, and still dream about a little beach house in Avila. I haven't blogged lately, but I'm at http://tukats.typepad.com. Glad I found your blog!

Anonymous said...

hey, I just felt like leaving you a message. Im all the way from denmark, by luck I found your blog, and I must say yours convinced me to make my own.
Its a real pleasure to see what you knit, so Im going to keep an eye on you!


ps. Im not sure Im going to tell anyone about my blog either, its a little ridiculous, but kinda fun having something to keep to your self.