Almost there!

I imagined my "comeback post" to feature a glorious FO that would excuse my long absence, but it's just not there yet. My recent purchase of a Nintendo wii has really taken a bite out of my knitting, blogging, and blog reading. Enough excuses.

But this little swing jacket from the latest Vogue is almost there! I've been withholding after my recent knitting mishaps, not wanting to disappoint or jinx this project. At this point, I'm feeling confident enough to share it. It's definitely not one for the frog pond. I just need to do some minor blocking and weave in about 200 ends. I think I really love it.

And moving on to the next thing:

I have had my eye on this sweater from Vogue's fall anniversary issue, and after seeing an awesome finished version by Nueroknits on ravelry, I decided to shop and swatch for it. I'm pretty excited about this swatch in terms of color and texture. This is sublime yarn's cashmere merino silk paired with their kid mohair blend.

New York seems to be warming up though, and at the slow pace I've been working, It'll be in the 70s if I finish this one. Luckily, all my wii remotes are out of battery power for the moment.

Thanks for all the great comments, because they totally make my day and encourage me to get my knit and blog on!

I'm off to Las Vegas tomorrow for a shoe tradeshow (yes, a shoe tradeshow. It happens twice a year). Wish me luck and happy thoughts of awesome shoes for fall 2008!


soknitpicky said...

So glad you're back! Yeah, that Wii can be addictive! Just imagine if they made a knitting game--you and your opponent would each rotate the wii around with your wrists and see who ends up with a sweater first. Bonus points if it's cabled!

Dame Wendy said...

I've been holding back on getting a WII for fear I'll never reemerge.

Sointu said...

I'm so glad you're back! And I can't wait to see the VK swing jacket finished, it's next on my "to do" -list!

Susan said...

Glad to have you back. Your blog posts have been missed! Please take pics of that trade show. What woman doesn't love shoes??!!!

lekkercraft said...

I'm glad to hear all is well, despite the knitting mishaps. I've missed your posts!

The Vogue sweater is looking really pretty - the neutral colors are lovely. I can't wait to see the big reveal!

Nadine Fawell said...

Yip, welcome back!
Let wii miss you for a while.
Phew, that was a really really bad pun. Ahem.

knitlit kate said...

yay! you're back! that VK sweater looks like a winner. and i'm also diggin that nail polish...is it wicked?

jenna said...

Hi again! That cashmere merino whatever-it-is looks like heaven!

luxeloops said...

have you heard about the new game coming out - wii fitness? i'm so addicted to the others, i can't imagine this one will be any different.