The Backburner

I've got about a week or so to go on the Vogue dress, and I found myself in an unusual situation: there aren't any patterns on my backburner to lust over. I usually have something lined up,even months in advance. My love affair with Twinkle is on hiatus, and I'm trying really hard to find something I like in a number of new books. I spent the better portion of my lunch break sitting down with several said books, (Runway knits, Fitted knits, Glamour knits, etc) and just wasn't feeling it. There are loads of of loveliness in these books, but the patterns just don't grab me. And I don't know why.

That sad, empty feeling is gone now, though, because I finally fell in love all over again. Here she is:

This is from the new Spring Phildar. Love the collar, the ribbed edging, the covered buttons, and that quirky little detail at the waist. Sigh.

I also like her:Look at all those fancy stitches! I want this to be a dark grey vest to wear over gauzy turtlenecks next fall.

I even like her, in spite of the fact that they call her (the horror!) a poncho:

I love the sleeve drama and the vertical ribbing. I have tried on something like this, but it made me look very very short, like the sweater was eating me up. Something about it still really appeals to me.

Three patterns in a catalogue is enough to justify purchase, right? That's what I told myself while I typed in my visa digits. Yay! I've never ordered from Phildar before. I wonder how long it'll take to arrive.

Now that the backburner is full, I'm promising myself that I will finish up my other wips before I order yarn for the cardigan. Not sure if I can stick to that, but I'll pretend for a bit.


pamela wynne said...

omg, I *love* that first little jacket! I think three is definitely enough for a book.
But I Must. Finish. Swing Jacket. before I start any new Phildar patterns. :(

kelliann said...

I have been dying to buy that same book! love love love the first two patterns. I would like to make the first jacket in a bright red or turquoise.

dileri said...

welcome to le monde phildar. you'll be amazed at how quickly they send those catalogs over (well, to the east coast, anyway). it gets pretty addictive and there's always good stuff to knit in them.
can't wait to see that vogue dress!

kelly said...

I go to the phildar website just to look at that vest, over and over. Maybe I should just suck it up...

Gina said...

My fav is the last one...poncho?

Yarnhog said...

Well, shoot--my rule is one pattern I want in a book. You're way in the clear.

Team Knit ! said...

I have the same aversion to poncho. It is a name that should be reserved for dogs!