One Down, Seventeen to Go

I started working on the cabled blanket on Sunday, and I am finished with the 3.5" seed stitch border, which consumed the first of 18 balls of yarn. I am planning on working through one ball each week, which means that this big bad blanket should be finished before the New Year. I like that the charts are very long and only repeat three times, so the project should not be too repetitive. The Berkshire from Valley Yarns (WEBS house brand) is light, soft, and subtly thick and thin.

I treated myself to my first pair of Addis Turbo needles for this project, since I figured I would be spending hundreds of hours on these needles. They really are all that! The smooth join makes it all worthwhile. I have the Boye interchangeables, and I find myself tugging the yarn across the join all the time.

I gave Kate away to little Tolya on Saturday. We decided to give her a new name and gender, so now she is known as Baby Freddy K. It was love at first sight for Tolya and Freddy K. He squealed, clapped his hands, and immediately began to fling him about by his extremities. I hope I joined Freddy's arms and legs strong enough for Tolya. Maybe with enough drool and vigorous play, Freddy will be felted, and then we won't have to worry about dismemberment anymore.


moirae said...

Hmm, I think I posted my comment on the wrong blog. OOPS!

Anyway, I came to say that I put up a saffron cables knit along page on my website at

along with your photo of your blanket in it's current state. If you want to update it, just drop me a comment with a link to your photo or send me an email with it (mail to: Stephania.Fregosi@gmail.com).

Also, I'd like to know what color yarn your using and what needles you got for it. Addi Turbos, Size 9 I assume? You got the 40" pair? I hope so, it sure hogs up the needle space.

moirae said...

Here's the site, sorry about that.


shopgirl said...

Thank you saffronsocks! I will put a link to the support group/gallery/knitalong on my blog. It's nice to know that there is another crazy out there!